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As Good As "SOLD"

When it comes to selling a home I always like to remind my clients to look back on how excited they were when they first purchased the home, and take a moment to truly remember the feeling they had when they received the keys at closing. How they looked forward to personalizing it to fit their style and make it their own.

Now styles change, and we all have different wants and needs, but when it comes to dream homes, one thing’s for sure. Everyone has their own idea of a "dream home", and your home is exactly the type of home that another dreamer out there is looking for. My team and I work hard to find that person by utilizing expertise and experience with various marketing strategies!

By utilizing an extensive network of buyers, renters, agents and investors along with the most advanced cutting edge technology available, I market and promote your property in both conventional and unconventional ways. By doing things other agents can’t, or won’t do because it "takes too much time" or is "too much effort", I get your home at the forefront of the masses so your home receives maximum exposure. I work tirelessly to market your home just as if it were my own.

My network of resources includes high end professional photographers that have the ability to provide outstanding quality images that capture and relay to potential home buyers, the beauty of your home. There are several ways to make your house more sell-able, an in turn, receive a top dollar offer but when time and money are of the essence I can provide recommendations for reputable resources such as general contractors, landscapers, handyman and pool services, interior designers, home staging services, packing and moving services, carpet cleaners and more, that focus specifically on high impact, low cost options to get your home in spectacular show ready condition at minimal expense. When an offer is presented, I’ll ensure that each buyer has been pre-approved to ensure the buyer is capable of the purchase, and should you decide to accept an offer, I’ll speak with the lender directly, in order to confirm that the mortgage can be obtained under the terms of the purchase contract.

I’ll oversee every aspect of your selling experience from listing to closing and ensure that venders take a proactive approach and work efficiently to close your transaction on time. You’ll be fully informed at every interval of the transaction of the progress of the sale and thoroughly informed of what action, on your part, is required prior to closing. Your satisfaction is my top priority!